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The Band

Steve Musket

Steve web 197Bass

Steve’s love for the classic rock sound started early. He began playing in high school after purchasing his first bass guitar though a mail-order department catalog. Early on, his primary influence was Geddy Lee, with notable nods to Chris Squire (RIP) and John Entwistle. Throughout the years, Steve has played in original bands; one releasing a debut CD in 2009. He has also been the bassist for several cover bands, playing songs from the 70's, 80's, and 90's. Now a dynamic part of Three Lane Road, Steve brings his bass playing chops to the bottom end in the music style reflective of 80's classic rock.






Allan Davis

Alan web ver 128Guitar/ Backing Vocals

Allan has been playing guitar for almost 35 years, ever since his Chicago high school years when he joined a variety of rock cover bands. Towards the age of 20, Allan ventured into some original work before he started a professional career in insurance and started a family. After being off the music scene for a while, he came back in full force 10 years ago in Texas. Since being in Texas, Allan has played in cover bands including White Hot Soul (blues/classic rock covers), Redrum 151 (rock covers), and Metal Order (rock/metal/hair band covers). Over the past 5 years, his guitar skills were put to use in tribute bands such as The Hindenburg Project (Led Zeppelin), First Sting (Scorpions), and as KK Downing of Judas Rising (Judas Priest). Allan is thrilled to be a member of Three Lane Road, the original band project that he poured his early guitar influences into. His stylistic approach has a very reminiscent and nostalgic vibe, where you can still hear the 80’s guitar work but in a new, dynamic setting.




Wayne Brito

Lead Vocals/ Guitarwayne brito

Growing up in San Jose, California Wayne learned to play guitar in High school covering 70’s and 80’s style groups such as Journey, bon Jovi and Dokken and heavily influenced his singing and guitar style. After his term in United States Marine Corps his writing and playing style was again enjoyed by listeners in the San Francisco Bay Area by collaboration in original groups such as Sovereignty, Rogues Gallery and Golgotha. Now residing in Texas with his family, where he owns a swimming pool contracting company and has decided to return to music by getting together an all-original group with new material,” Three Lane Road”.






JZ Dunegan

Guitars/ Baking VocalsJZ bio pic

A native Texan for Dallas JZ has played electric guitar for almost 40 years.  At 17, a friend brought over the Van Halen album and with the opening tune “Eruption” was all it took to inspire him to want to play guitar.  After serving 4 years in the US Navy, electric guitar and Heavy Metal became an obsession. In 1991, he headed west to Hollywood and enrolled in Musician's Institute where he graduated in September of 1992.  Upon graduation, JZ headed home to Big D and joined Ruff Justice (and is still in that band to this day). His other attributes include playing in local churches, graduating Christ For The Nations Institute, playing in Almost Famous in the Charlotte, NC area, as well playing in the Classic Rock band, AT6 presently. And last but not least, JZ has joined to play with Three Lane Road!









Chuck Geisel

IMG 9414Drums

Originally from Lorain, Ohio, Chuck played in numerous bands in High school. 

Moving to Texas for a new job in 1984 working on buses then trains, he's since played in many playing situations, including several classic rock, country, blues and original bands. He spent about 6 years working as the house drummer for Sound Image Productions, catering to song writers making demo's of their music. Most recently he was the drummer for a Journey Tribute band, Worlds Apart. He enjoys getting back to playing 80's style music where his style fits in bringing to life the back end of “Three Lane Road”.















Three Lane Road

Band Biothree lane road group 245 web version

Classic rock or 80’s hair metal whatever you may want to call it is certainly alive with Three Lane Road. Melodic vocal lines sang by Wayne Brito coupled together with tastefully driven guitar leads with both Allan Davis and Wayne Brito bring to life a nostalgic rock feel. The bottom end rhythm section of Steve Musket and Tim Smolen sear together the sound that is Three Lane Road collectively